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Latest Ohio Crankshaft News

2/15/18 - Racers Letters - THANK YOU GUYS! - "Thank you for everything! I forgot to share with you that I won the 2017 track championship for South Georgia Motorsports Park and I couldn’t seal the deal in the Race of Champions in Rockingham, NC. I was .011 and dead-on with a 9 and he was .006 and dead-on with a 4, so I tucked my tail and went home.
Thank you Ohio Crankshaft again so much! I’m planning to get another short block this year (possibly a long block); I will give you a shout when I am ready. Thanks and God bless"

- Shannon L Newell

See more on our Racers Letters page.

2/8/18 - TEN YEARS of the Ohio Crankshaft No Box Nationals - The 10th annual Ohio Crankshaft No Box Nationals will be returning to the reopening Lyons Raceway Park on June 14-17, 2018

See the No Box Nationals Facebook Page

2/7/18 - Ohio Crankshaft offering NHRA contingency - Ohio Crankshaft will again be an NHRA contingency sponsor for all national events in all Super classes, Top Sportsman, and Top Dragster.
1/30/18 - Recent dyno tests on our 555 big-block Chevy - NO FAKE NEWS HERE! - We have stepped-up out standard 555 big-block combination to 905 horsepower with E-85 and 902 Horsepower with race gas.

At just 13.0:1 compression, we can rock the E-85 racing world!. These engines start at just $11,595.00

See the complete engine page for lots of details and new options.

1/29/18 - H5950 Small Block Chevy rods - • These 5.950" long rods allow several new combinations using available SBC pistons and block heights. Go direct to our H-beam rods page.
1/2/18 - Attaboy - Steve Tiona wins the 2017 Snowbird Outlaw Nationals in 5.50 Index Class with his Ohio Crankshaft 620 cubic-inch powered Monte Carlo.

Read about Steve and more on the Ohio Crankshaft Attaboy Page.

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1030/17 - Racers Letters - Don Davish wrote - "Thanks Chip the 540 worked great, still on gas had 5.51 on most all day."
- Don Davishl


10/15/17 - Ohio Crank scores at the Reynolds, Georgia NHRA division 2 race.

Rusty Cook wins Super Comp - Cook takes the Super Comp win in his Ohio Crankshaft dragster and also currently leads the NHRA Division 2 points in Super Gas in his Corvette roadster as they head to the final D2 points race in Rockingham. Rusty has also qualified for the Moser Shootout that will be held at Rockingham.

Jeremy Mason wins Super Gas -
Mason takes the NHRA Super Gas title at the Reynolds, Georgia LODRS event with his Ohio Crankshaft 632 and Mcilvain Race Car.

10/2/17 - We will miss Mike Wenzler - Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Mike Wenzler. Mike recently died from a nitrous bottle mishap as he was preparing for the 2017 Drag Week.

10/1/17 - NEW Crankshaft Blems list on Racingjunk - These are brand new cranks that didn't clean up during grinding, also listed are some used cranks with repaired journals.
Racing Junk list of blems, used and repaired cranks
9/27/17 - Attaboys - Oddy and Ward - Jim and Jr. qualified #1 and went all the way to the winners circle at PDRA Galot Motrsports Park.

9/26/17 - Back In Stock - • 426 Hemi H-beam rods with hemi or .990" pin,
• 400 and 350 3.875" stroke cranks,   • 632 pump gas motor,
• Ohio Crank Extreme Rods - E7100 rods for big block Chevy
9/26/17 - Dale Thacker wrote: - We won the 5.50 Index class with your 598 cubic inch Chevy engine. We would like you to know you build a awesome engine, please put on your website! - thank you! See more customer letters on the Ohio Crankshaft Racer' Letters Page.
9/25/17 - Coming Soon - The H5950 small block Chevy H-Beam rod. This new 5.950-inch long rod will open up several new engine combinations. Pre-orders are taken now. See pricing and details on the Ohio Crankshaft H-Beam Rods Page.
9/2/17 - Look At This - Jeremy Mason's brand new Super Gas - Super Rod ChevyII from Mcilvain Race Cars debuting at the U.S. Nationals with Ohio Crankshaft power.
8/29/17 - ATTABOY Atta Boy Rusty [again] - Rusty Cook wins the NHRA Bowling Green event in Super Gas. Seven tough rounds against the best! Five reaction times under .010 including .000 light!
8/27/17 - Atta Girl Christina - Christina Parriman wins first time out with Ohio Crankshaft 620 cubic inch power.
8/26/17 - Oil Accumulators - We really like accumulators for most applications. Supplying oil pressure to the engine before startup and maintaining pressure during extreme launches and g-forces is a huge benefit to your racing engine. We use and sell Canton and Moroso.
8/25/17 - Four wins in two weeks - Eric Bowling has had an August win streak with his Ohio Crank equipped small block Blazer.

See Eric's winning history on the Ohio Crankshaft Attaboy Page.
8/15/17 - ATTABOY Harry Thor wins Icelandic championship- "Hi Stan, I won the Icelandic Championship in my catagory today.This engine we did together is wonderfuland trouble free.

Thor competes with an Ohio Crank 598 BBC on nitrous.

8/12/17 - Dyno Upgrade - Ohio Crankshaft is working with Computech on a major upgrade of our ability to store, analyze, and display many aspects of the fuel system. This includes multiple A/F channels and fuel flow and pressures.
8/8/17 - BEARINGS - Many years ago Clevite was the standard in race bearings, then Federal Mogul became very popular and recently there has been a lot of interest in King bearings. OHIO CRANK is stocking all three brands now.

8/4/17 - ATTABOY Mike Ford - Gets 4.70 series win with a BIG Ohio Crankshaft 763 for power.

See our Attaboy Page.

See more on the Ohio Crankshaft Attaboy page
7/28/16 - ATTAGIRL - Kathy Fisher Runnered-Up in Top Dragster competition at the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals/Norwalk with Ohio Crankshaft Pro Charger power, ran 5.98 and 5.99 in final rounds.

Kathy and Kevin Fisher are on a Roll - In Top Dragster with their supercharged Ohio Crank power plant, Kathy wins PDRA at Indy, scored runner up at NHRA Norwalk nationals and was #1 qualifier NHRA Joliet nationals!

7/15/17 - ATTABOY AGAIN CHIP! - Chip Heindl, our Ohio Crankshaft engine assembler wins two in a row at the Quick8 at Muncie Dragway.
7/5/17 - Our Best Seller - Our best selling engine is the pump gas 632, is used for street and drag racing, very popular in air boats and other marine, available iron or aluminum blocks, also 540 CID.

Visit the ogio Crankshaft complete engines page.

7/5/17 - Cool Car - Rick Cassel's ADRL Pro Stock Tribute to one of the all time great cars.
Photo: dragstory.com

See more Ohio Crankshaft racer accomplishments on our Attaboy Page.
6/30/17 - ATTABOY - Rob Kropfeld - Congrats to Rob Kropfeld for winning Super Gas at the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals 2017 at Norwalk with his cool Vega wagon and Ohio Crank components.
6/29/17 - ATTABOY Chip! - A win for the home team - Chip Heindl, Ohio Crankshaft engine assembler wins another Quick8 at Muncie Dragway.

5/17/17 - Phlipot-Garke Sweep - Win heat and feature at Waynesfield with Ohio Crankshaft LS power.

Photo credit - J&T Photos

5/12/17 - Prototype Engine Sale - $1000 off on three prototypes, these are complete engines that were the first of a new design, all dynoed and ready to go.
598 Short Deck 20 degree
540 All Aluminum pump gas
438 LS pump gas

Call for complete info

5/8/17 - Racers Letters - Ohio Crank 434 Shortblock Wins First Time Out - Shannon Newell kicks off his 2017 season winning at Silver Dollar Raceway in his sharp Nova equipped with an Ohio Crank 434 small block Chevy Shortblock.
"First time out and got it done! Thanks again to you guys for your help! (yes I put your shirt on backwards to “represent” lol)"
- Shannon L Newell

5/4/17 - SBC Rods - We have a very limited amount of the EPR style rods, a little lighter and a little more detailed, 6" with ARP 2000 bolts. $595
5/1/17 - Procharger Projects - We want to use up some used Procharger parts we have, will build an iron block, lower cost engine, still capable of 2000 HP. Anyone interested in this should call us.

5/1/17 - Shippin' - After you get your parts ordered, the next part is very important. Ohio Crank ships daily all over the world and we have good rate contracts with the best freight companies. We build our own crates and skids including European Union acceptable. Many options to get it to you really fast, or really low cost.
3/31/17 - NEW All aluminum street power - Now available 540 CI 750 dynoed horsepower on pump gas, complete serpentine setup. In stock now. $16,950 Call for details.

3/17/17 - Some Thing New - 438 LS Pump Gas 650 HP For info call Jeff our LS specialist at 800-333-7113

See complete 438 assembled engine on our Ohio Crankshaft engines page.

2/28/17 - DOUBLE ATTA BOY RUSTY - Rusty Cook started the NHRA season at Orlando with the win in Super Gas and runner up in Super Comp using 100% Ohio Crankshaft power.

See more Ohio Crankshaft racer accomplishments on our Attaboy Page.

2/22/17 - PROCHARGERS - F3 Race Drive shipping to customer, have in stock new Race Drive with F1X12R, and used complete F2 side mount with factory rebuilt blower.

2/21/17 - Short Blocks in Stock -
632 Sportsman Big Block Chevy
598 Race Sportsman Big Block Chevy

2/20/17 - Cranks in stock - Over 1200 pieces in stock. Inventory will never be better.

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